Monday, July 22, 2013

This is my pattern for a scarf knit lengthwise
I used Berroco Circus But it would also be a great way to used up leftover yarns. Just change colours at the end of the row, or whenever you run out if yarn.

One Skein Lengthwise Knitted Scarf


By Trish Irvine
1 skein of Berroco Circus
6mm 32" or longer Circular needle
Cast on 250 stitches (approx.)
Knit across row. When you get to the last stitch, turn.
Before you start knitting back, wrap the yarn loosely around your hand once, to leave a long loop.
(these will be used later to become your fringe)
Continue to knit every row using this same method until you have just enough yarn left to bind off.
 Usually 4x’s the width of your item would be sufficient to bind of any project.
After you’ve bound of your scarf tie an overhand knot on each end of scarf & trim your fringe to desired length.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Thanks Andrea

For getting my blog updated and back on track.
Now everyone can see us again :)